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A special note from Dr. McAlister regarding grades as we enter Remote Learning:

This is a unique time in your student's educational career, and I have received several questions about grades. Given that, I wanted to clarify how we view our roles as educators during Remote Learning. The goal of our teachers during Remote Learning will be to provide meaningful feedback to students on their progress toward learning those concepts deemed to be essential for their current grade level. It is very important that our students are still learning during Remote Learning- it is just that we are focusing on providing feedback, not awarding points. Accordingly, we will not be "grading" assignments during Remote Learning and we will not be entering points into our grade book program.

So how will we determine a student's third trimester grade?
As a result of having only been in session for the first two weeks of the third trimester prior to the Stay-At-Home order, we have discovered that it is very difficult and in some cases unfair to assign a letter grade that is an accurate reflection of learning that is occurring solely at home. Therefore, after further reflecting on the process of Remote Learning, we have made the determination that the most equitable way to assess students’ learning is to assign it one of two designations: Passing or Incomplete.

For all assignments During Remote Learning, teachers will use one of three notations in their gradebook:

T- the assignment was 'turned in' and the student engaged with the material fully and attempted to complete it to the best of their ability. This determination will be made by the teacher using their professional judgement.

I- the assignment was turned in but was 'incomplete.' Work was submitted but there were significant gaps or the work submitted did not meet the assignment parameters.

M- the assignment was not turned in (i.e., it was 'missing') or was of such poor quality that it does not merit a mark of 'I.'

During Remote Learning, students must be actively engaged with their assignments and receive a mark of 'T' on 70% of their assignments in order to receive a grade of passing for the third trimester. Students actively engaged with Remote Learning in this manner will not have additional summer school work required.

Students who do not receive a 'T' on at least 70% of their assignments for any given class will be considered for mandatory summer school so that we can ensure they have mastered essential standards for their grade level.

It is important to remember that the goal of Remote Learning is that our students are actively engaged with their work and are attempting all of the assignments for their classes. Students who receive marks of 'I' or 'M' during Remote Learning may always improve those scores by submitting or re-submitting those assignments. Students need to notify their teachers via e-mail that an assignment has been re-submitted if they want the teacher to review it again.

Please contact your student’s teacher if you should have any questions. You may also reach out to me directly if you have additional questions.
Dr. McAlister
James Hart School

Other Questions and Answers

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Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to do our White Pines trip in May. However, we are currently working with the ranch to find dates that work for the fall. It is our full intent that our current 6th graders get to participate in this meaningful and memorable trip, even if it occurs later than originally anticipated. Money paid for the trip will carry over to the fall.

Student Assignments (Will be posted Sunday afternoons by 4:00 PM)