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Ms. Evans Teacher Page

This year in 8th grade science we will study Physical Science:
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Structure and Properties of Matter
  • Forces and Motion
  • Potential and Kinetic Energy
  • Energy Transfer in Temperature
  • Waves
Then we will go on to  Earth & Space:
  • Earth Sun Moon systems
  • The Solar System
Last year we adopted the STEMscopes curriculum. Much of the information and lessons will be in an online program and it is important that students have access to a computer everyday at home for assignments. Students are required to have their science binder in class everyday, this acts as their textbook.
This is my 13th year teaching science at James Hart, our main objective is to prepare students for the rigors of science in high school. Please email me if you have any questions and I encourage all parents to sign up for Parent Portal to view their students' progress.
Various assignments