Welcome to Speech and Language with Mrs. Burr: 6th-8th Grades

Speech and Language Pathology

Articulation (speech sounds), Receptive and Expressive Language Skills (the understanding and use of spoken language), Cognitive Communication (critical thinking and problem solving), Pragmatic Language Skills (social communication), Voice, Fluency (stuttering), Swallowing

Hello everyone!  Speech and Language is something that can be practiced everyday through fun activities.  Comprehension (receptive language) skills can be built through recalling events from the day or weekend, answering a variety of wh- questions (who, what, where, when, why, how) about a story, events, or a lesson, and following directions (i.e. Simon Says or follow a recipe).  Expressive language skills can be built by naming and/or describing items in the environment, playing "I Spy", naming as many items in a category as you can in a minute, thinking of antonyms for words, formulating complex sentences to tell a story, and participating in conversations.  Articulation skills can improve by naming as many words in your environment that you can with your sound(s) in them, playing a board game, but before your turn you must say a target word 5 times, also jump rope, hopscotch, or play catch saying words with your sound(s) each time, and best of all...use your accurate sounds while conversing day to day.  It's not always about sitting down and doing paper/pencil tasks, but it is about practice, repetition, and making it fun!
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