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6th Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade!

The 6th Grade Team:
  • Paula Bulliner

  • Stacy Cordner

  • Melinda DuBose

  • Arlaina Gardner

  • Karen Gnatt

  • Bria Hopkins

  • Joshua Johnson

  • Tina Kenebrew
  • LaDarrah Krogh

  • Tene Means

  • Henry Stuttley

  • Jennifer Wolf

The sixth grade staff is eager to begin our students’ successful experience here at James Hart.

At the forefront of those expectations, a successful sixth grader:
  • Completes and turns in all homework and projects on time
  • Is organized
  • Develops and uses problem-solving skills
  • Follows the 3 R’s: Responsibility, Respect, Reputation
As 6th grade teachers and staff, we model and teach organizational, independent thinking and problem-solving skills. It is our goal to provide challenging and stimulating academic lessons that are as diverse as our students’ learning styles through a variety of instructional methods; which include (but certainly not limited to) facilitative, direct, inquiry-based, and small group instruction. Opportunities for enrichment with our gifted program, learning and reading centers and 8th period skills classes are all avenues for 6th graders to be successful.

Success for our sixth graders is a combined effort of teacher, child and parent. To that end, communication is a priority for us. We are all available via phone, email and through scheduled meetings. Newsletters are sent home monthly to provide academic and classroom updates. Use of the assignment notebook is also an invaluable tool for your child’s achievement.

The sixth grade team looks forward to helping your child soar to new heights!