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7th Grade

Welcome to 7th Grade!

  • Tiffany Bailey
  • Christopher Blankenship
  • Elza Gashi
  • Kathy Gill
  • Lisa Hansen
  • David Linde
  • Emily Mikolajewski
  • Leah O’Connell
  • Nicki Polimenakos
  • Noreen Rutledge
  • Renee Rycraft
  • Kimberly Simpson
  • Mary Smith
  • Krista Sparrow
We would like to welcome all the new students and parents to James Hart School. We look forward to working with all of our incoming students and ensuring a smooth transition to seventh and eighth grade.

As seventh graders, students will continue to work towards higher expectations for academics and behavior. The middle school teaming philosophy allows us to set high expectations that our students can reach. The seventh grade is organized into two interdisciplinary teams of roughly 115-125 students. Each team of students has the same group of teachers that meet regularly to discuss achievement and ways to support all students. Our high expectations are also reinforced through continuous communication with students and parents. Therefore, it is important for all parents to communicate regularly with their student’s Advisor. The Advisor will meet with students on an individual basis to discuss academic and social progress, set goals for learning, review test scores, and to listen to students. This is an exciting program that offers students a great deal of support. We would also encourage you to check your student's assignment notebook every night as a way to keep informed of daily school activities and homework assignments.

The supportive atmosphere does not end with the Advisory program. There are multiple interventions available for students needing help in a variety of areas. Teachers will use Academic Lab, Math Lab, Peer Tutoring, Homework Lab, Homework Club and Academic Saturday School to get students extra attention. These interventions help with the transition from sixth to seventh grade. It is important to remember that students no longer have a desk to store all their materials and will be required to carry their materials or keep them in their locker. We will work closely with students to help with this change in their school day.

Our high expectations for behavior center on our PBIS philosophy:
1. Respect Yourself
2. Respect Others
3. Respect Your School

We look forward to an exciting year filled with new learning experiences, field trips, extracurricular activities, and academic and social success.