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Welcome to the James Hart Choral Department!

The Choral Department consists of the following vocal organizations:
Panther Choir:

A select group of seventh and eighth grade students, who gain membership through a rigorous audition exam. The Panther Choir performs a wide range of choral literature from the classics to current music of our time.

The Ensemble of Panther Choir:

This mixed vocal ensemble is made up of 8th-grade students who are the finest voices of Panther Choir.

The Choral Director for James Hart 6th - 8th grade is Heather Olsen.
6th Grade Choir
Choir is open to all 6th grade students, even those in Band or Orchestra. Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Friday during 8th.
6th Grade Ensemble
6th Grade Ensemble is a mixed vocal ensembe made up of 6th grade students.  Auditions will begin in October.

Winter Choir Concert, December 6, 2021