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8th Grade

Welcome to 8th Grade

  • Lisa Ablin
  • Tara Amin
  • Leslie Berry
  • Valentina Cimino
  • Virginia Donahue
  • Brendan Fleming
  • Xanthia Gaines
  • Kristen Granato
  • Michael Klein
  • Amy Lewandowski
  • Sandra Pons
  • Amy Richardson
  • Eileen Wargo
Welcome to the final year at James Hart and Homewood School District 153.

We our excited about working with all of our students as they work towards graduation and high school. As eighth graders, students will continue to work towards higher expectations for academics and behavior. The middle school teaming philosophy is continued in eighth grade. Students will again be placed on interdisciplinary teams that work together to ensure student success. It will also continue to be important for students and parents to form a strong relationship with the student’s Advisor. Just as in seventh grade, the Advisor will meet with students on an individual basis to discuss academic and social progress, set goals for learning, review test scores, and listen to students. We would also encourage you to check your student's assignment notebook every night as a way to keep informed of daily school activities and homework assignments.

The multiple interventions available to students in seventh grade are also available in eighth grade. Teachers will use Academic Lab, Math Lab, Peer Tutoring, Homework Lab, Homework Club, and Academic Saturday School to provide students extra attention. These interventions take on added importance as students prepare for high school. We will work with the students to help them learn the responsibility, work ethic, and other skills necessary to succeed at the next stage of their educational journey.

Academic and behavioral success take on added importance in light of all the exciting opportunities made available to eighth graders at James Hart. Students must be academically and behaviorally successful in order to participate in the eighth grade dance, eighth grade trip, and the graduation ceremony.

Our high expectations for behavior center on our PBIS philosophy:
1. Respect Yourself
2. Respect Others
3. Respect Your School

We look forward to the excitement of working with the students as they prepare for graduation.