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Mr. B's Class


 I Am...

Hey everyone! My name is Christopher Blankenship, and I'm so excited to begin my first year at James Hart! I am entering my seventh year as a teacher, but feel so blessed to have become part of a district where the students, parents, teachers and administrators are constantly smiling and participating!! I grew up on the southside of Chicago so I feel a strong connection to the journey and path of our students.


I Believe...

To be successful within any school and/or community I believe one must value building quality relationships with colleagues, administrators, students and their families. These relationships create the trust necessary to develop the connections that fuel curiosity, communication and collaboration! Relationships allow teachers to identify each child’s talents, interests, and capabilities. When harnessed, these connections allow teachers to address the growth of every student they encounter. I believe that a student’s race, class, gender, or culture should not interfere or dilute the effort and attention provided to each student.  Additionally, I do not believe any of these characteristics indicate the capability or learning ability of any student. Thus, I will utilize these beliefs to successfully organize daily functions and execute activities that will ensure the development of my

students' skills needed to exceed state expectations!


Class Info...

**Homework assignments 


                1.  Log into your Microsoft 365 Account

                   2.  Click on "TEAMS"

                   3.  Select your class period 

                   4.  Click the "ASSIGNMENTS" tab

                   5. Be sure to "SUBMIT" all completed assignments!

**Class Syllabus

              Language Arts

              Social Studies